From the recording INSPERATO Take The Journey

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Insperato means "unexpected" in Latin. The opening piece titled Insperato is intended to take you on an intense, yet intimate journey, that tells a story. It is a classically oriented piano solo composition with a run time of just under 19 minutes. I have been working on this piece for years, slowly adding and adjusting it in multiple sections. More recently, I spent 15 months focused exclusively on completing this piece, as well as rehearsing endlessly to have it performance ready. As the story of Insperato slowly unfolds, you will be introduced to characters that interact and share drama, joy, heartbreak, and more. The story then reaches a dramatic climax proceeded by a tender aria which emerges into a powerful finale. My hope is by the conclusion of this piece you are left with a feeling of resolve and perhaps satisfaction. I deeply appreciate you taking the time to listen to my new composition.